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Top 50 Desktop Themes, Screensavers and Wallpapers

Landscape Screensavers

Wildlife Landscape Screensaver
Very nice paintings by Hugh Arndt of landscapes and the wild life that lives there. Music Sunset. Created by Jeanie

Vincent Willem Van Gogh landscapes and fields Screensaver
Twenty-two (22) of van Goghs most stunning landscapes are presented in this screensaver production. Included is a brief biographical sketch of the brilliant, but, emotionally tormented artist. A classy and tasteful addition to any desktop.

Vincent Willem van Gogh Landscapes and Fields Screensaver
46 of van Gogh\s most stunning landscapes are presented in this new, expanded and updated version of the award-winning screensaver. Included is a brief biographical sketch of the brilliant, but, emotionally tormented artist. Classy & tasteful.
(3779636 Kb)
  Direct Download

Amazing Landscapes Screensaver
From the destruction of a volcano to the beauty of a coastline with lighthouse. Trees changing colors at falltime even a storm with lightening. Music Landslide Hope you enjoy JEANIE

Amazing Landscapes Screensaver
Amazing Landscapes screensaver brings you 32 quality images of landscapes, riverscapes and seascapes of the lost worlds. Installation and uninstallation are easy and complete. This software is freeware, fully functional, no time limitation.

Coastal Landscape Images Screensaver
Evocative and relaxing coastal images. Features images from Sydney Australia.

Country Landscapes Screensaver
12 beautiful photographs of wonderful gardens that you might find out in the country side. Music by The Crest, Flowers Of Love. Enjoy

Natures Landscapes Screensaver
Beautiful pictures of mountains, lakes, waterfalls and the desert. Many thanks to Bert Sirkin for the pictures. Music Whole New World

Scotland-Magic Landscape Screensaver
In twenty high quality pictures from the Shetland Islands down to the Borders: facets and impressions of a incomparable country.

Landscape Effectss Screensaver
The beauty and imagination of this landscapes screensaver reach beyond the colors of the universe. Images display full screen and can be set as desktop wallpaper. Music compliments your screensaver. With transitional effects, a wallpaper utility program a
(8321 Kb)
  Direct Download

The 7art Levitans Landscapes Screen Saver Screensaver
7art Levitans Landscapes screen saver brings you 40 brilliant paintings in high resolution. Levitan is famous throughout Russia for his ability to express the soul of Russian nature. His name stands beside such other great national cultural figures as Tol

Amazing Landscapes Screensaver
Amazing Landscapes 2 screensaver brings you 32 magnificent high resolution images of exotic worlds never seen before. Features include full install uninstall, setting current image as desktop background, password protection, displaying custom images and

Best Ottawas Landscapes Screensaver
Free screensaver including 24 beautiful landscapes of Ottawa, Canada. After a short animated presentation and a panoramic projection of Ottawa River it displays at random 24 full screens with the best Ottawas landscapes. When you close it, this screensave

Landscape With Birds Screensaver
A peaceful and relaxing screensaver. The artwork is a beautiful painting called Landscape With Birds by Rolandt Savery. Animated birds fly all around the screen. The optional music is the sounds of birds.

Landscape Winamp Skins

Alien Landscape Winamp Skin
Strange landscape somewhere in space.
(148 Kb)
  Direct Download

Landscape Wallpapers

Desert Landscape Wallpaper
A 3D Wallpaper image of a Desert. Can be used at 640480,800600,1024786 Screen Resolution.
(187 Kb)
  Direct Download

Landscape With Dune Wallpaper
Beautiful art by 17th Century Dutch painter, Jan Wynants. 1024 x 768 Wallpaper.

Landscape With Dune 800 x 600 Wallpaper
Beautiful art by 17th Century Dutch painter, Jan Wynants. 800 x 600 Wallpaper.

Landscape With Shepherds And fishermen Wallpaper
Oil painting by Guiseppe Zais. 1024 x 768 Wallpaper.

Landscape With Windmill Wallpaper
Classic oil painting by Aert van der Neer. 1024 x 768 wallpaper. Beautiful tones, with perfect spacing for your desktop icons.

Landscape Desktop Themes

Alien Landscape Desktop Theme
Shimering golden landscape with spheres and mountains.
(939 Kb)
  Direct Download

Landscapes Desktop Theme
Our Landscapes theme has been so popular, we've created a new theme pack full of new wallpaper, cursors and icons. Landscapes II also includes sounds and a screen saver with some of the themes.

Painted Landscape Desktop Theme
Come along with Coot n Brown as they tour another bee-utiful place in our scenic world!! This theme is called Painted Landscape and is in the Painted Desert

Painted Landscape Desktop Theme
Discover the beauty of Arizona with Cooter and Brown. This theme is of the Painted Desert

Venuvian Landscape Desktop Theme
The assignment was Weird and Whaky, and this is what I came up with.
(2067 Kb)
  Direct Download

Autumn Landscape Desktop Theme
The trees are putting on their fall robes, the shadows are lengthening, and nature is showing her final burst of colour before winter sets in.

Landscape With Birds Desktop Theme
The artwork is a beautiful painting called Landscape With Birds by Rolandt Savery. Matching screensave available.

Landscape ICQ Skins

Alien Landscape ICQ Skin
An Alien Landscape, An Alien Building, Or something else. It is a good ICQ skin however.:)
(105 Kb)
  Direct Download

Arizona Landscapes Screensaver

Amazing Landscapes Screensaver

Country Landscapes Screensaver

China Landscape Screensaver

Coastal Landscape Images Screensaver

DeepWoods Landscape Screensaver

Digital D Landscapes Screensaver

Hokkaido Landscape Screensaver

Israel Landscapes Screensaver

ItalyLandscape Screensaver

Landscape Screensaver

Las Vegas Landscape Screensaver

Morning Landscapes Screensaver

Natures Landscapes Screensaver

Scotland Magic Landscape Screensaver

Scotland Landscapes Screensaver

Shanghai Landscapes Screensaver

Thailand Landscapes Screensaver

Thailand Landscapes Screensaver

The D Landscapes Screensaver

Vincent Willem van Gogh Landscapes and Fields Screensaver

Vincent Willem Van Gogh landscapes and fields Screensaver

Wildlife Landscape Screensaver

Desert Landscape Wallpaper

Emma Bunton Wallpaper

Horses Screensaver

Jennifer lopez wallpaper

Leann Rimes Screensaver

Autumn Of My Life Screensaver

Alchemy 2 Wallpaper

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Dumbo Screensavers and Disney Screensaver

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American Pie Wallpaper Screensaver Desktop Theme

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Soul Plane Screensaver

A Cinderella Story Screenaver

The Day After Tomorrow Screensaver

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